Yadier Molina launches new clothing line ‘M4,’ offers exclusive items at Busch Stadium Team Store

St. Louis Cardinals fans will soon get to know another side of catcher Yadier Molina.

Yadier Molina…the fashion mogul.

He’s launching his new clothing line, ‘M4.’ Molina says, M is for ‘Molina’ and the number 4 is for his number.

“I was trying to do something, that people know, they see the symbol, they know that it’s me.”

Molina says his clothing line represents three ideals: discipline, strength and courage. His wife, Wanda, played a key role in launching the M4 clothing line.

“Around five years ago, I started saying, this would be fun to have a business like this,” Wanda Molina said.

“The light turned on inside of him like, ‘Oh, let’s do it, let’s start, let’s do something,’ and that’s how it all started.”

And since then, for Yadi and his wife, Wanda, M4 has been a team effort.

“He’s so humble,” Wanda said, “but we think he’s the best, obviously, and his fans, they also think he’s the best. We added to some of the t-shirts to be inspired, to be a legend somehow.

“Once we decided on the logo, then we started adding pictures and messages, so that people feel inspired also by the messages on the t-shirts and identify with him.”

M4 items offered exclusively at the Busch Stadium Team store include options for men, women, and children.

Yadi and his wife Wanda say these exclusive items are a way for Cardinals fans to take home a little bit of their favorite player.

“We want everybody to know him, and to have a piece of Yadi Molina,” Wanda said.

Yadi says there’s no other place he’d rather have these exclusive items available to fans than, in St. Louis, at Busch Stadium.

“This is my second home, I would love everybody from St. Louis to buy a T-shirt from M4, because I want them to be part of this too.”

Jill Falk is a Multimedia Journalist for the St. Louis Cardinals.


St. Louis Cardinals Sign First Round Draft Pick Delvin Perez

Delvin Perez

St. Louis Cardinals Scouting Director, Randy Flores, meets with Delvin Perez at contract signing



Eight days from the night Delvin Perez was drafted 23rd in the first round of the 2016 MLB Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals, the 17-year-old shortstop arrived at Busch Stadium to make it official.

Cardinals Scouting Director Randy Flores says he and his team have been watching the 6-foot-2, 180-pound shortstop for years, but didn’t think he’d still be available by the time the 23rd pick arrived.

“There was always an immense respect for what his talent was,” Flores says. “There was not any thought that he would be anywhere close to our board, up until hours or days before the draft, and even then you’re not certain, until that pick, number 22 happens, and he’s looking right at you.”

Perez is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and a player from the Individualized Education School. Speaking through an interpreter for the team, Alexandra Noboa, Perez says he’s honored and proud to wear the birds on the bat.

“This is one of the best teams in MLB, and again I’m just so thankful to be here,” Perez said.

The shortstop faced an uncertain future days ahead of the draft when he tested positive for PEDs. St. Louis Cardinals General Manager and Senior Vice President President John Mozeliak told the media in a news conference the St. Louis Cardinals have always believed in second chances.

“The fact that he’s sitting here in front of all of you, he’s not running from it,” Mozeliak said.

“He’s taking ownership of that, and I think from our standpoint, we admire that. We certainly wish it didn’t happen, but had it not happened, he’s probably not sitting here.”

After signing his contract and answering questions from news media, Perez stepped onto the field and met Manager Mike Matheny and the rest of the team. He did some fielding exercises and had his first batting practice in a Cardinals’ jersey.

“We have a very talented player,” Mozeliak said, “He’s excited to join this organization, and we’re thrilled to give him this opportunity.”

When asked what it means to be drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, Perez said he’s ready to make his mark.

“It’s truly an honor,” said Perez. “I feel so blessed and proud to be here, and I’m more than willing and ready to do whatever it takes to make history on this team.”

The Cardinals have signed all three of their first round draft picks, including 17-year-old outfielder Dylan Carson and 21-year-old right-handed pitcher Dakota Hudson.

The team drafted 12 players in the first and second rounds. So far, the team has signed 38 players overall, including 32 draft picks and 6 non-drafted free agents.

Jill Falk is a Multimedia Journalist for the St. Louis Cardinals.

From ‘draftee’ to ‘drafter,’ Randy Flores completes first MLB Draft

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds

From being drafted by the New York Yankees in the 9th round of the 1997 amateur draft, to drafting all rounds of the 2016 first-year player draft for the St. Louis Cardinals, Scouting Director Randy Flores now has a wealth of experience on his side.

The first-year scouting director and former Major League pitcher recently completed his first draft, but his work is only beginning. This week on Inside Access with Cardinals Magazine, Senior Staff Writer Stan McNeal caught up with Flores to recap the 2016 draft and look ahead to what’s next.


Lindsey Weber is the Video Communications Production Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Matt Carpenter Hosts ProCamp for Kids


Photo Credit: Taka Yanagimoto/St. Louis Cardinals

Photo Credit: Taka Yanagimoto/St. Louis Cardinals

For Cardinals Infielder Matt Carpenter, baseball is in his blood. His mom, Tammie, was once a softball player, and his dad, Rick, played collegiate baseball before excelling as a coach and building powerhouse baseball programs at high schools around Texas.

So it comes as no surprise that on a rare off day for the Cardinals, you can find Matt Carpenter teaching the game he loves (and lives) to St. Louis area kids as part of his annual Matt Carpenter ProCamp.

Cardinals Insider tagged along to the one-day camp to see “Coach” Carpenter in action.




Lindsey Weber is the Video Communications Production Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Ask A Cardinal: If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?


Admit it; we’ve all wondered, at one time or another, what it would be like to be a professional baseball player. But what if you’re already a Big Leaguer? What would you aspire to be? In this week’s Ask a Cardinal, we asked the guys, “If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?”, and this is what they had to say.



Lindsey Weber is the Video Communications Production Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Redbird Rookies Concert

Redbird Rookies came to the Sheldon Concert Hall to learn about the importance of teamwork in music, and how classic blues influences the music kids enjoy today. See and hear all the fun these Redbird Rookies experienced at the Sheldon Concert Hall. #CardsInsider

Fans See A Different Side of Matt Holliday While Enjoying A VIP Lunch Experience at the Ballpark


Matt Holliday fans from all around the world came to Busch Stadium for the Matt Holliday Speaker Series. Hosted by Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin and the amazing Cardinals Special Events team, the luncheon showcased Matt Holliday’s personable side in the intimate setting of the exclusive Cardinals Club at Busch Stadium. #CardsInsider

Clearview Choir Sings the National Anthem tat Busch Stadium


For years, the St. Louis Cardinals have actively recruited school groups, church choirs, bands and others to perform that National Anthem, God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Busch Stadium.  For over two decades, the Cardinals have offered an exciting and affordable opportunity for schools, church groups and other non-profits to perform on the field.  In addition to providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in front of the crowd at Busch Stadium, the team’s consignment program allows non-profit organizations to raise money by providing them significantly discounted tickets for their friends and family to share the special experience.  Learn how fourth, fifth, and sixth-graders from Clearview Elementary sang the National Anthem at Busch Stadium, going home with a memories that will last a lifetime. #CardsInsider


Former Cardinals Players Teach Children the Fundamentals of Baseball

kid c3

Former Cards pitcher Scott Terry, along with other Cardinals alumni, lead the effort to teach young baseball players the skills they need to succeed at baseball as part of the St. Louis Cardinals Kids Clinics. For information on the next clinic visit Cardinals.com/clinics. #CardsInsider

Cardinals Wives Sell Autographed Baseball Grab Bags for Charity

Grab BagsWhen it comes to our community, both the Cardinals players and their families are dedicated to making a difference throughout Cardinals Nation. That’s why every season, the Cardinals Wives host a number of events and fundraisers for charity including everyone’s favorite – the autographed Grab Bag fundraiser!

As part of the game-day event, fans have the opportunity to purchase mystery grab bags for $50. Each bag contains an autographed baseball from a current Cardinal, and a card telling them who signed it (because you never know who you’re going to get)! And the best part is, all of the proceeds benefit charities hand-picked by the wives.

Earlier this month, the wives held their first of two Grab Bag fundraisers for the 2016 season and all of the proceeds went back to Great Circle and Angels Arms. Great Circle is a behavioral health organization that specializes in providing treatment, education, prevention and support services to children and families with a history of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect or abandonment as well as children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental disorders. Angels’ Arms provides a house and many resources for foster parents, so they can create a loving home for foster children.

The next event is Saturday August 6 (be there!), and proceeds will support The Covering House and Lydia’s House. To learn more about the event and the Cardinals Wives, visit cardinals.com/wivescare.



Lindsey Weber is the Video Communications Production Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. 


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