Everyone Who Enters Aggie’s Lobby at Busch Stadium is Given The VIP Treatment

She is so special they named a lobby after her.  Broadcasters, Media and VIPs entering Busch Stadium all know Agnes Ceriotti, or “Aggie”. After more than 30 years with the St. Louis Cardinals Aggie has developed a lasting relationship with everyone who walks through her door. Aggie might run a tight ship, but see how she always makes her guests feel like family.



The St. Louis Cardinals Work With Union High School Students on Super Hero Parody STEAM TEAM Video

Last week, the St. Louis Cardinals spent a day at Union High School working with students to produce a video conceived by the students to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (STEAM).   The collaborative effort between the Cardinals and students was part of the Cardinals’  1st annual High School Video Challenge.  Over the last few months, twenty High School teams from around the region participated in the challenge that was sponsored by the St. Louis Cardinals and Education Plus to help promote the STEAM curriculum.  After many wonderful submissions by area students and a close vote, the winner of that contest was Union High School. Ozzie Smith, Fredbird and the Cardinals visited Union High School last week to help professionally produce their video. It was a full day of education, creativity, and fun for everyone involved.  Cardinals Insider went along on the shoot to watch as the students made their ideas come to life.

~Marissa Balmas

Marissa is the Multimedia Communications Specialist for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Saturday Signing at Cardinals HOF Museum

Glenn Brummer, the man who stole home, met with fans at the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum for Saturday Signings at the Museum. See how every Saturday home game fans get the opportunity to meet with former Cardinals.

Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. Shares Memories From His Earliest Days in Baseball

Since 1996, when an ownership group led by Bill DeWitt Jr. purchased the St. Louis Cardinals, the team has experienced one of the most successful eras in franchise history. But that success didn’t just happen overnight.

This season, the DeWitt family will celebrate 100 years in baseball- an accomplishment that dates beyond Bill DeWitt Jr.’s first day as a bat boy, and back to his father’s legacy as a long-time owner.

During Spring Training, Stan McNeal, Senior  Staff Writer of Cardinals Magazine, sat down with Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. to reflect on a number of memories from his career in baseball.



Lindsey Weber is the Video Communications Production Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Insider Access with Kyle McClellan: Getting To Know Jeremy Hazelbaker

Just last season, 28-year-old Minor Leaguer Jeremy Hazelbaker thought his baseball career was over. After playing in the minors since he was drafted in 2009, Hazelbaker was released and left without a job or a future.

But all it took was one phone call and one second chance from the Cardinals organization to prove that his career was only beginning.

After impressing in the Cardinals farm system, and putting on a show at Spring Training, Hazelbaker surprised even himself by making the 2016 big league roster. And since his arrival to the Majors, Hazelbaker continues to surprise and delight fans with his success on the field.

Former Cards pitcher Kyle McClellan recently caught up with Jeremy to talk about making it to the Majors and finding success with the Cardinals.



Lindsey Weber is the Video Communications Production Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Security With A Smile

Meet Clarence Holmes, the St. Louis Cardinals friendly security officer who works the front desk at the team’s front office at Busch Stadium.   Clarence has been providing security with a smile at Busch Stadium for 16 years.  Anyone who comes through the Cardinals’ front office will end up on a first name basis with Clarence.

Cardinals Cater to Fans With Dietary Restrictions

New Concessions for 2016

Delaware North Companies Sports Service, the St. Louis Cardinals’ concessionaire for more than 50 years, is preparing to welcome fans back to Busch with a starting lineup of food to please every fan’s unique taste.  Delaware North Executive Chef Larry Johnson and his culinary team have developed a wide array of new menu items for both concessions and suites.

Foods to meet dietary restrictions

The Cardinals are committed to providing a full menu for all our fans. This season we have added a few new items for those fans that may have certain dietary restrictions.

We have added a new Vegan burger. It is a delicious Malibu vegan patty on a split top bun with arugula and sliced tomato. It is served with our house friend fried tortilla chips.

Chicken tenders are a favorite among our younger fans. This season we have added gluten free chicken tenders, which can be served a la cart or as a basket with tater tots.

We have also put a twist on the traditional ball park nachos with our new Chicharrón. With this item fans will receive a serving of our house fried, gluten free pork rind, topped with either taco beef or BBQ pulled pork, nacho cheese, and your choice of ingredients including: salsa, jalapenos, banana peppers, diced onions, green onions and sour cream.

~Marissa Balmas

Marissa is the Multimedia Communications Specialist for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Fan on the Street: Who Said What?

Fan on the street is the Cardinals way of meeting and interacting with our fans. This week on “Fan on the Street” we met John. John is from Florissant, Missouri and says he has been a Cardinals fan all his life. We put him to the test with our game, “Who Said What”. We read John quotes from our players and he had to guess who said what.

~Marissa Balmas

Marissa is the Multimedia Communications Specialist for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Cardinals Celebrate Earth Day with E-Cycling Drive with MERS-Goodwill

To celebrate Earth Day the Cardinals along with their partners MERS-Goodwill, held their annual Electronics Recycling and General Donation Drive.  The drive accepted donors’ unwanted computers, laptops, printers, cell phones, VCR’s, and any other electronic items that include a battery, cord, or plug, as well as general donations.

“It’s an opportunity for people to be able to get those old electronics out of their basement and out of their garages, and be able to give them to a local good cause that helps lots of our neighbors here in St. Louis.” Mark Kahrs, Executive Vice President for Goodwill Retail said.

The items collected will be tested and either be sold in stores if working properly, sold in the outlet locations if they are just in need of small repairs, or run through recycling channels to be disposed of responsibly.  The items sold then turn into revenue to help people in the St. Louis area.

The Cardinals partnered with MERS-Goodwill to offer half- price ticket vouchers to Cardinals Games for those people who decided to go Green.

“The hometown team with the hometown Goodwill. It’s just something were really proud of,” Kahrs said.

If you weren’t able to make it out to the event, don’t worry. People can drop off their donations any time of the year at one of the donation drop off spots and will still receive their voucher for half off tickets.

~Marissa Balmas

Marissa is the Multimedia Communications Specialist for the St. Louis Cardinals. 


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